Want to learn digital marketing? Before entering this digital industry. I want that once you read this article. I’m 100% sure that you might be confused because there are lots of courses that may be free or paid but which are the best and because of high competition there are also fake gurus in the market who just sale their courses but the content in their courses is worst than free content available on the internet.

Because digital marketing is a wide field and there are lots of options available therefore you would also be confused about all of them and worried about how to get started? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you. My name is Hemant Solanki and I’m a  digital marketer, content writer, and YouTuber. In this article, I will guide you on how you can start your journey from scratch to expert. Paid Courses Vs Free Courses, all modules in digital marketing,  freelancing vs job, and many more things that are important and need to be discussed.

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learn Digital Marketing

What And Why Learn Digital Marketing?

First, understand what is digital marketing. Marketing is happening since 1800 and marketing play important role in business life. Marketing is not just advertising but it is a full process that starts from understanding prospectus needs, product development to prospectus satisfaction. In 1800 or 1900 marketing is happening with different mediums like newspapers, radio, television, billboard, etc. If you look at past graphs so you will found that marketing is the same but the way of doing marketing is changing with technology. From newspaper to radio and then radio to television. 

Now the internet world is running and the internet is becoming our part of life. With the help of the internet, the way of doing marketing is change, and here digital marketing comes. Not all people in this world are using the internet but with time and technology more and more people connect with the internet and simultaneously if internet users increase then obviously digital marketing grows.  Now understand, WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE DIGITAL MARKETING?

Digital Marketing is just a way of doing marketing with digital platforms. The best thing is digital marketing is two-way communication whereas in past years, marketing is a one-way process where brands and businesses are paying to show their ads or campaign but they don’t know how many people watch or connect with them from that particular campaigns and there is no analytics and cost is also high. Ultimately, It is a Skill which everyone should know but if you are passionate about marketing, advertising, and content creation then only choose it as a career.

Because I see lots of people think that Digital Marketing Is just running Facebook or Google Ads, but the reality is different.


Nowadays, you see lots of ads on social media or in the promotional email which are about learn digital marketing in just 99, 299, etc, or learn for free. I’m sure you might be confused between them that which one I choose. I always suggest that if you are a newbie then go for free content that is available on Youtube and on Google. 

Step 1: Create Index Of All Digital Marketing modules :

whenever you read any book you see one common thing among all that is the first page which is the index. Why Index is important because it gives you a way to start from here and go ahead step by step. What You Need to do is create the index of all modules which come under digital marketing and then start learning one by one. I have mentioned below that maybe if any skip you can add in your index.

What is Digital Marketing Or what comes under Digital Marketing 

   -Facebook Ads 

   -Instagram Ads

   -LinkedIn Ads 

   -Youtube Ads

   -Twitter Ads




  • Social Media Content Creation/ Designing 
  • Social Media growth and Management 
  • Google Ads / PPC ADS 
  • SEM- Search Engine Marketing [ SEM/PPC/Google Ads Are Same]
  • Analytics 
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • E-mail Marketing And Writing 
  • Sales/ Copywriting  
  • Funnel Marketing
  • ORM- Online Reputation Management 
  • CR- Customer Relation management 
  • Personal Branding

And many more things come under Digital Marketing.

Step 2: Whatever you learn to apply Practically 

If you are just learning or reading or just watching tutorials but not applying practically then you are just wasting your time. “Because DIGITAL MARKETING IS ALL ABOUT PRACTICAL.”  To apply practical solve assignment for example if you learn about creating a website in WordPress then you should create a website. This will give you the next level of confidence and also it will be helpful in your portfolio.

Step 3: Follow Industry Leaders 

If you want premium content for free then this trick will help you a lot. If you want to become a digital marketer then you must follow expert digital marketers and watch their content. Follow them on social media. Why this? The reason behind this is they all are experienced people and in their content, you will get something new which will help you. You will get their experience in their content and also some secret tricks.

Digital Marketing Paid Courses 

If you are also thinking about purchasing paid courses then you should read this. Nowadays, on social media, you will see lots of advertisements which say you to purchase their courses. Here, stop and think about the person who sold you his course even you don’t know, you never watch his/her content and you don’t know how he/she will teach you? Even he/she is an expert or not. What if he/she is just copying content from youtube or google and selling you. That’s what exactly going on in the market. I will always recommend you to buy paid courses only from them whom you are following, You know his/her and you like his/her content.

Importance Of Certificate In Digital Marketing

Are certificates important in digital marketing? I’m sure that this question came to your mind. And the answer is No Certificate doesn’t matter to the DM. There are lots of websites available on the internet which will give you certificates for free. If any brand, client is giving you a project then first of all they will ask you about your projects, your experience, or they will see your past work. Because in digital marketing there is a portfolio, not a resume. But it’s not bad if you have a certificate to show with your projects but always focus on projects which will give you more and more experience.

Learn Digital Marketing

Create Your Portfolio

As I told you, the digital marketing portfolio plays a very important role. Basically, your portfolio represents you and your work. The best way to create your portfolio is to register a domain name with your name. For example, I have a website with my name called hemantsolanki.com. Therefore what you need to do is simply go and buy the domain and hosting, create a website on your own name which will represent you. Now the second thing is to add your work to your portfolio which is your blogs, videos, or podcast, and full details about you with your professional profile picture. Put the same picture as a profile on all social media platforms.

Digital Marketing Internship and Jobs 

After learning digital marketing you can join an internship with any company. An internship can be of two types: part-time or full time. You can apply for an internship on online websites like internshala.com etc. before joining an internship. Remember one thing you are joining an internship to learn more. And after an internship, you can apply for a job or you can also take projects for freelance. After some years of experience or with a good amount of money you can start your Digital Marketing Agency as well.


Digital Marketing is just a way of doing marketing with digital platforms. It is a skill that everyone should know but if you are passionate about marketing, advertising, and content creation then only choose it as a career. if you are a newbie then go for free content that is available on Youtube and on Google. Create an Index Of All Digital Marketing modules. Apply  Practically. Follow Industry Leaders. Create Your Portfolio.