“Digital Marketing” The fastest-growing industry. After  Lockdown,  this industry grows 10x faster than other industries. In the future, the survey says that this industry will grow more and there is a massive opportunity in this industry But what’s the reality? “What is the future of Digital Marketing In India?” 

If you also want to enter this industry and want to make your career in digital marketing but at some point you are afraid and this question came to your mind that what Is digital marketing future scope in India?  Digital Marketing is just a temporary boom? In past, many industries grow rapidly, and then after a time, the slope goes down. For example, Tally[Acounting] In its starting time tally was a good field to make a career as an accountant but with time, the slope goes down. Now people are working for 8-10k. [ no doubt that today also there is the requirement of tallier] but I’m talking about the Boom or Growth Curve.

Is the same situation happens with this industry also? Being a digital marketer same questions came to my mind therefore I will explain to you everything about the digital marketing future in India. First of all, understand 

Difference Between Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing? 

The main difference is that traditional marketing is just a one-way communication whereas digital marketing is two-way communication. Where brands and businesses understand the consumer and connecting with them directly. The second main difference is in digital marketing ads are more personalized compare to traditional marketing. Digital Way is cost-effective. We can actually track consumer activity and remarket them but these all features are not available in a traditional way.

It is a very wide field. If you are thinking that it is just running ads on social media then this is a myth. Same as marketing, in this digital industry your fundamentals must be clear, if not then you would not get the expected results and your money will lose. Setting ads is very easy but the thing matter is ROAI [ Return On Ads Investment].

 Future Trends

The most important thing in Digital Marketing is you need to update yourself from time to time because this industry is changing rapidly. New things come fast and if you will not update your self then you lose this market.

For Example; A few years ago, ranking your website on google search is very easy but today if you want to rank your website then you need to follow too many factors that help in ranking. Now in digital marketing, marketing automation is playing an important role.

For example: If you want to send mails to your 1000 consumers then you can not send them manually one by one or with the help of a tool. Because if you will send just a mail then the conversion will be low therefore you need to write a personalized email and sending it. In this scenario, e-mail marketing automation plays an important role. So the main thing is you need to upgrade yourself with changing trends. I will also give you information about Digital Marketing Future Learn in this article.

digital marketing future scope in india

Digital Marketing Growth

Because of Reliance Jio,  cheap data, and cheap smartphones more people connecting with the internet. More internet users and the growth of digital marketing both are connected directly. No doubt that the growth of digital marketing is high but the quality of digital marketers is not high. The point is, this industry is new so people are not much aware of it.

For example; If HR is hiring for a digital marketing job then he/she will ask the same question which was recommended by someone or they read on the internet so it’s easy to get a job in this industry. 

In the future, this is right that this industry grow but the quality will change businesses will look for more expertise marketer who has deep knowledge in this industry. Therefore if you are a newbie then the best way to get experience is to join an internship take some experience of min 6 months to 1year and after getting experience your value will automatically increase in the market. 

Everything you should know before entering this industry