Content Marketing is a long-term profitable game and the best marketing strategy for any brand or company in any niche. Content Marketing is the future. Big brands are already using this marketing strategy. In the upcoming years, every company uses this marketing strategy. Because it is a more valuable and cost-effective technique.

Congratulations, after reading this article you will get a clear picture of content marketing and its importance. If you are not using a content marketing strategy for your brand then start now because “Content Marketing Is The Future”.

Simple Definition Of Content Marketing 

In simple words, it means marketing your brand or company or services by providing qualitative or valuable content to your audience via different mediums. [Here the word qualitative or valuable matter] It is like an indirect way to getting sales and doing promotion for your brand.

Here the most important thing is you can not give content that you want, you need to provide valuable content on what your audience wants related to your niche. The different mediums can be Blogs, E-mails, E-book, or a detailed PDF anything.

Why The Quality Of Content Matter Most

One thought came in your mind that is if content marketing is the future then I will create lots of content. But it is the wrong thought because your audience is spending their 10-20-30-45minutes on your blog or mail thinking that they will get what they want. If they will not get quality content then they will not come again and the trust will be loose. Quantity doesn’t matter against quality.

For example, if have read news media sites article, you might be found that their articles are very short just 1 or 2 paragraph long with catchy headlines. Because these websites earning source us just display ads. The more content they will create, the more people click and the more money they will earn. But this is a short term game and it does not benefit your company or brand. It is like one side short term game.

Content Marketing Cycle

Content Marketing Cycle Blueprint

Digital Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing In Digital Marketing

Content writing in digital marketing or we can say digital content writing means writing content for multiple digital platforms. It includes Blog Post, E-mail Campaigns, Sales Copy, Ad Copy, Video Production, Photography, Social Media Posts, and Also SEO writing, etc.

Importance Of content marketing in digital marketing

Let’s Understand How Content Marketing Works In Digital Marketing by taking an example :

I’m Hemant Solanki and I running my company named “Digital Square” and my niche is Digital Marketing. I have a website called on which I’m writing content. So basically what happens is, my audience will read my blog and like my content and fill lead form[which I put on my site] or buy my recommended product[affiliate marketing model] through which I make money.

In this way, content marketing strategy plays important role in marketing and also building a personal brand for the long term.

If I have quality leads then I can sell my product or affiliate product via e-mail or any other method. Here the best thing is the chances of buying my product will increase because people know me and they have trust in me. This is How content marketing is Important in digital marketing.

Grow your Brand And company With Content Marketing Growth Chart.

Content Marketing Is The Future.


Content Marketing Tools 2020

Till now you have understood what is content marketing and the importance of content marketing in digital marketing with examples. Now understand which are the best tools for content marketing in 2020.

Tools make your work very easy and you can save your time by using tools in content marketing.

  1. Evernote:

Evernote is notes making and arranging tools. Whenever you are doing research to write content you can add important notes directly in Evernote and use that notes later. Evernote is one of the best tools for note-making and it is free. 


Your content will be more attractive when you use images, videos in that. Many people add images from google directly but if that image is copyrighted then it will create a big issue so basically, pixels are the free platform for high quality and free stock images and video without copyright.


Quora is a Q&A site. If you want more queries and want to understand your audience deeply then this can be the best platform. On quora people ask their questions therefore you can directly get content ideas or real audiences.

  1. Coschedule

Coschedule is a headline checker tool. You know that headlines play a very important role in your content. If you want to check your headline then Coschedule is a free tool that analyzes your headline and score on the basis of a different basis.

  1. Wp Form

If your website is in WordPress and you want to collect email from your audience then Wp-form is a free tool that will help you to add a signup or subscription form to your blog post or website.


Canva is best too if you want to create your own image or video for your blog post. Which will really impact your audience’s mind.

  1. Ubbersuggest 

This tool will help you to find a keyword, and also for the competitor analysis. Finding Competitor backlinks and keywords this tool is best and free.

  1. HotJar

HotJar is the best tool to analyze your audience on your website. How they spend time, Where they click, and hot points. Basically, these paid tools but a free version is available of HotJar. The best part of this tool is you will get a recorded video of your audience’s hot-points.

Real Example 

  1. I already give you an example of content marketing. Here are some more examples of content marketing so you can understand it in a better way.
  2. Big brands Like Google, Microsoft, etc Using Content Marketing Strategy.
  3. Hubspot Is mainly using content marketing strategy and build a strong brand among audiences.
  4. Domain And  Hosting Provider companies using content marketing.
  5. Sending cold emails to leads and leads nurturing is also part of content marketing.
  6. Conducting webinars is also a very good content marketing strategy.
  7. Providing step by step guide pdf on a related topic or consumer problem.