Anil Ambani – The Biggest Failure 

Doing Business is like doing adventure. No one can predict the exact future. But in Business, Current Activity, plans, and Goals decide the fate. The same happens with Anil Ambani. Most people heard the name, Anil Ambani. Most prominent Businessman Dhirubhai Ambani’s Son Anil Ambani was the sixth richest man and well-known businessman for his success.

He was born on 4 June 1959 in Bombay, India. He has completed a bachelor’s degree in science and then completed MBA in Business Administration in 1983. After he entered into the family business 

The wealth of Dhirubhai Ambani was divided to Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani. Many people say that He got more as compared to Mukesh Ambani. But it says that earning Too much money does not make you wealthy; managing money will make you rich. In this article, I will give you all details about Anil Ambani’s life journey from the sixth richest man in the world to become bankrupt. My name is Hemant Solanki.

Anil Ambani Net Worth

 Net Worth

Once, He was the sixth richest man globally with a net worth of a 42billion dollars. But so far, Anil Ambani’s net worth is zero. He became bankrupt because continuous debt is increasing. Recently in 2020, Mukesh Ambani [Older Brother of him] Paid the debt of Erricson of Rupees 458.77crore. Still, debt is high, and he sells many companies that were owned by reliance communication to pay his debt. Do you know how this all starts?? 

  • I’m sure you might have heard about India’s 2G scandal. It was said to be the biggest scandal in the history of Independent India. The total amount of the 2G scam was 176645crore rupees. In 2011, CBI enquired that he was involved in the 2G Scandal with Swan Telecom. Then after Anil Ambani’s net worth collapsed 4-fold to 8.8billion dollars.
  • In the year 2013, another big ball in Anil Ambani’s net worth. Reliance communication lost stocks in steam, and his net worth fell to 3billion dollars. 
  • From 2013, many companies ran out bankrupt, and till 2016 Anil Ambani’s net worth fell again to 2.5billion dollars. 
  • He took loans from Chinese banks, which were estimated at 717million dollars. These three banks are the Import-export bank of china, the second is ICBC, and the third one is China Development Bank.
  • He defaults loans, and the interest on the loan is increasing till now. He was not able to pay the full amount. Recently, he said that he hadn’t given a personal guarantee for a borrowing made by reliance communications from all three Chinese banks. 

His Viral News

For the last many years, Anil Ambani news is coming about the new company selling or new cases. Indian government wants to stand Anil Ambani because he is an Indian businessman. Govt had given Rafael projects to Anil Ambani. After that, the opposition party’s leader asked the government questions about this deal, and again Anil Ambai’s news came.

  • Reliance Infrastructure 
  • Reliance Capital
  • Reliance Power
  • Reliance Communication   
  • Reliance Defense LTD
  • Reliance Defense Technologies Private LTD.

Anil Ambani House 

It’s exciting to know about his lifestyle because his big brother Mukesh Ambani is now the richest man in Asia. He is living a very wonderful life, but what about Anil Ambani House and lifestyle. Where is Anil Ambani House, and his wife. 

You might think that he has crores of rupees debt and is living an ordinary man’s life, but you are wrong. Although he has obligations on him, he is still living the king’s life. Anil Ambani’s house value is more than INR 5000Crore rupees. Anil Ambani house is located in Pali Hills. Designers from abroad designed  entrance and the whole interior of his  house. The entire interior is designed in grey and white color. 

His house had been built in 1600acr land, and they have all facilities including gym, swimming pool, etc. Do you know this fact that Anil Ambani’s wife Tina Ambani pays an electricity bill of rupees 60lakh? Sounds excellent. This all are happening because he doesn’t have any personal liabilities, but still, Chinese banks want to take his house under them for defaults in loans. Do you know that in 2016, Anil Ambani house was the second most expensive house in the country.

Anil Ambani Wife

Tina Ambani – Anil Ambani Wife 

Tina Ambani, the chairperson of Group CSR and Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. She was an Indian actress. Tina Ambani is the wife of Anil Ambani. Desh-Pardesh, Manpasand, and Lootmar are some of the famous movies of Tina Ambani. She completed her graduation in 1975. It says that she had a relationship with bollywood actor Sunjay Dutt but after she married Anil Ambani. Apart from this, she had relationships with other bollywood actors as well. But it all ended because of her drug addiction.