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Anil Ambani Journey – Anil Ambani Net Worth, House, Wife.

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Do you also want to make money from reselling or affiliate marketing in India? Meesho is no 1 reselling platform in the apparel industry. Also in home, kitchen, electronic gadgets, etc Many people are earning more 50k+ in a month. Meesho also gives you the opportunity...

What Are Digital Marketing Future Scope In 2020?

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Five Things You Must Know About Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a long-term profitable game and the best marketing strategy for any brand or company in any niche. Content Marketing is the future. Big brands are already using this marketing strategy. In the upcoming years, every company uses this marketing...

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Content Writing

Content Marketing Is The Future. Create Content Marketing Strategy And Grow Your Brand Organically. 


SEO Strategy

SEO is like a magic trick to get organic traffic from Search Engine. Build Strong SEO Strategy For Your Brand To Generate Organic Leads. 



Be At The Right Place. People Is Searching For You. Grow Your Audience And Pay Only When Someone Click

Funnel Marketing

Build A Stong Funnel For Your Product And Grow Your E-mail List. Get Sales Fast And Improve Your Ads With Funnels

Social Media Strategy

Engaging Daily With Your Audience. Understanding Them And Getting Sales. Grow Your Followers On Social Media

E-mail Marketing

Grow  Your E-Mail List. Build E-Mail Marketing Strategy, Leads Nurturing And Getting Sales Is The Best Way 

What Actually Marketing IS?


If you also want to learn more about Marketing, Advertising, Google Ads Then You Are At the right place. Hi There my name is Hemant Solanki and I’m a digital marketer. A few years ago, I found that my passion is in the marketing and advertising industry Therefore I came into this industry. If you are also passionate about marketing and advertising then here is one suggestion for you from me that is Start With Basics because in marketing basics are like pillars of the building.

Marketing and Advertising is not a new concept. It is happening since the 18th century but with time and changing technology new ways to reach the consumer or your prospect come and different types, medium of advertising come. when we heard the word marketing, we thought marketing is just advertising but,

 “Marketing is the complete process of understanding the consumer, making an offer suitable to him, ensuring that the offer reaches as many people as possible, capturing leads and building trust with them, closing sales and providing them a great consumer service”

When I was learning the basics of marketing one question always came in mind and that was why marketing campaign fails? And the correct answer is many times, marketers create a lot of value so they don’t know ‘How’ and ‘why’ somebody will buy from them? It can be said do not understand their ‘VALUE PROPOSITION’. 

Now one question is also comes in your mind that is what is the value proposition? In marketing, consumer or customer or prospectus is the center of all processes and that is called Consumer-Centric Marketing – CCM. Basically, value proposition identifies the pain that the customers are facing or the benefits they are trying to get and how the product or the service can help them to solve it. 

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